Bad Münstereifel

The medieval town of Bad Münstereifel is undoubtedly one of those places that are known far beyond the borders of the Eifel and should have been seen. The largely preserved city fortification is one of the most important of its kind in the entire Rheinlan d. Together with the old, but beautifully restored half-timbered houses and the Erft, which flows across Bad Münstereifel, results in an ensemble, which is unparalleled in its picturesque charm.
The Erft is certainly for the character Münstereifels d. Covered by many small bridges, it winds its way through the town in a partially bricked riverbed and on its left and right are the most beautiful historic buildings. This is an impressive demonstration of the symbiosis between the medieval town and the water, whose proximity has played the most important role in all areas of life.

Art treasures, monuments and other attractions:

  • in the parish church of St. Chrysanthus and Daria
  • The Romanesque house
  • The town hall of Bad Münstereifel
  • The Jesuit Church of St. Donatus
  • The »Windeck-Haus«, one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in the Rhineland
  • numerous buildings and the completely preserved city fortification